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Platform App Builder Certification Maintenance (Winter '24)

 Maintain Your Platform App Builder Certification for Winter ’24 The Enable Reactive Components for Screen Flows running API Version 57.0 and 58.0 setting expires in Winter ’25. Before that release, upgrade your flows to run on API version 59.0 or later to take advantage of reactive components. Build Screen Flows with Reactive Global Variables Save time by referencing global variables in reactive formulas on flow screens. Use custom labels in reactive formulas to display translatable text to your users. For example, create a custom setting called DiscountPercentage, which specifies org, profile, and user discount percentages. Reference the variable in reactive formulas across a screen flow. The screen flow applies the correct discount value for the user running the flow and recalculates the value as the user makes changes.   Build Screen Flows with Reactive Selections Use choice components to respond to user selections elsewhere on the same screen. For example, on a flow screen used fo

Maintain Your Administrator Certification for Spring ’24

Maintain Your Administrator Certification for Spring ’24 Intelligence Views Intelligence views are now available for leads, contacts, and accounts in Sales Cloud. Turn on a view in Setup and then add the Intelligence View button to the view-button layout for the applicable page. New Salesforce organizations include the views by default, but admins for existing orgs can enable: Lead Intelligence View Contact Intelligence View Account Intelligence View Find specifics about these views in the next three topics. Turn on Contact Intelligence View in Contact Intelligence View Setup and add the Intelligence View button to the Contact List View button layout. To view engagement metrics, enable Email Tracking in the Inbox section of Sales Engagement Setup. To see the Intelligence View, users go to the Contact home page and click Intelligence View. To view engagement metrics, choose Engagement Metrics from the Metrics menu. To see the Account Intelligence view, go to the account home page and cl