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Platform Developer I Certification Maintenance (Winter '21)

1. How can a suspended event be resumed where it left off, to avoid missing any events that were published during the suspension? A. Refresh the event. B. Resume the event. C. Resume the event from New. D. Resume the event from Tip. 2. Which statement is true regarding events configured with the Publish Immediately behavior? A. Publish Immediately events count toward the Apex DML statement limit. B. EventBus.publish() returns how many platform events are configured to Publish Immediately. C. The events are published and do not depend on the successful completion of the transaction. D. Events published immediately prevent Apex callouts from being performed after publishing. 3. What is the minimum code coverage requirement in order to promote and release an unlocked package? A. 70% B. 75% C. 85% D. 90% 4. When using WITH SECURITY_ENFORCED in a SELECT clause, what happens if a field referenced in the clause is inaccessible to the user? A. The query succeeds, but no data is returned. B. Th