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Load Bulk Records Using CSV with the Custom Metadata Loader

1. Download the Complete application Zip file from the git hub  Source . 2. Deploy the Downloaded Zip file into your org using below tools Ant Eclipse WorkBench 3. Once you have deployed the zip file successfully it will creates below components 10 Apex Classes 2  Apex Page 1  Custom Application 1  Custom meta data type 1  Custom tab 1  Permission Set 4. Goto Setup-->Permission Sets-->Click on Custom Metadata loader-->Manage Assignments 5. Click on Add Assignments -->Add the users to whom you want to give access for this App. 6. Goto Application menu Select Custom Metadata Loader application. 7. Clicking on Custom Metadata Loader you will be receiving below error. 8. To fix this issue do the following steps: Create a remote Site           Remote Site Name : Name (Example : c_mdapi )           Remote Site URL       : Copied page URL of the error page shown in Step-7.           Active                   

Feature Management Class

To check Custom Permission and Other Features Check and modify the values of feature parameters, and to show or hide custom objects and custom permissions in your subscribers’ orgs. Syntax: FeatureManagement.checkPermission('CustomPermission_apiName'); Return Type: Boolean Example :  public   static   Boolean havingCperm =   FeatureManagement. checkPermission( apiName); OR if( FeatureManagement. checkPermission( apiName) ){your logic} ClickHere for More Details. For information about feature parameters, see “Get Started with the Feature Management App” in the  ISVforce Guide . In TestClass  to assign PermissionSet Use:  PermissionSet   ps  = [SELECT  Id , Name  FROM  PermissionSet  WHERE  Name  =  'apiName' ]; PermissionSetAssignment   psa  =  new   PermissionSetAssignment (); psa . AssigneeId  =  UserInfo . getUserId (); psa . PermissionSetId  =  ps . Id ; insert   psa ;