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Tableau CRM Certification Maintenance (Spring '23)

Maintain Your Tableau CRM Consultant Certification for Spring ’23 1. Where is the multivalue function used? Data Prep’s formula transformation 2. Which sampling option is available to populate a data sample? Select All Column Values 3. What simple process allows a user to upgrade old dataflows to use the latest Data Prep features? Convert to Recipe 4. What does the Input widget do? Captures numeric values to be used as a data source 5. Templated CRM Analytics apps can be refreshed manually or on a schedule. Where are these refresh controls accessed In actions in the App Install History   6. What are the steps to add a tooltip to a selected repeater widget? Click Tooltip, set content and size, preview, then click done

Administrator Certification Maintenance (Spring '23)

 Maintain Your Administrator Certification for Spring '23 1. What information is listed in the Details panel for recently used reports? Answer: A, B, C 2. What is used to give sales reps access to a guided process to import contacts and leads? Answer:  Sample CSV file 3. Which feature efficiently removes inactive picklist values? Answer: Bulk Delete Unused Values 4. Which type of Process Builder processes can be converted using the Migrate to Flow tool? Answer: Record-triggered Get Hands-on with Enhance Record Pages With Dynamic Forms Follow steps show in Screenshot also highlighted with Red Box: