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Salesforce Naming Conventions Best Practices

 Everyone want their code to be well structured but sometime due to few things we focus on functionality but forget to maintain format. A well formatted code increases readability, understanding and ultimately maintainability of the code base. Post Fix / Suffix: Here is some example of Postfix and Suffix we are using in our project. Functional Type Name Suffix Examples Trigger Trigger AccountTrigger Trigger Handler TriggerHandler AccountTriggerHandler Trigge Action TriggerAction AccountTriggerAction VF Controller Controller AccountController VF Controller Extension Ext AccountExt Service Class Service AccountService Model / Wrapper Class Wrapper AccountWrapper Web Service (SOAP) Ws AccountToolsWs Web Ser

Salesforce’s latest Spring ’20 Release - February 17, 2020

Salesforce’s latest Spring ’20 Release is all set to globally available on February 17, 2020. Recently, Salesforce has given a preview of the Release to get a primary look at some of the CRM’s latest features. The new features span across mobile, industry solutions, content management, AI, and much more.  Top Highlights Platform With Salesforce CMS Enhancements, users can now create content and surface it throughout Salesforce. Content can be added to service portals on Community Cloud, landing pages in B2C Commerce, emails sent via Marketing Cloud, and much more. With Salesforce CMS B2B Commerce, B2B Commerce sites can be enhanced with rich content built in the CMS. With Spring ’20, developers can now access API enhancement in the Lightning Platform that includes higher default daily API limits and new, usage-based entitlements for REST and SOAP API requests, ensuring key operations are not interrupted. Application developers will now have more opportunities with Lightning Scheduler a