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Tableau CRM Certification Maintenance (Spring '23)

Maintain Your Tableau CRM Consultant Certification for Spring ’23 1. Where is the multivalue function used? Data Prep’s formula transformation 2. Which sampling option is available to populate a data sample? Select All Column Values 3. What simple process allows a user to upgrade old dataflows to use the latest Data Prep features? Convert to Recipe 4. What does the Input widget do? Captures numeric values to be used as a data source 5. Templated CRM Analytics apps can be refreshed manually or on a schedule. Where are these refresh controls accessed In actions in the App Install History   6. What are the steps to add a tooltip to a selected repeater widget? Click Tooltip, set content and size, preview, then click done

Administrator Certification Maintenance (Spring '23)

 Maintain Your Administrator Certification for Spring '23 1. What information is listed in the Details panel for recently used reports? Answer: A, B, C 2. What is used to give sales reps access to a guided process to import contacts and leads? Answer:  Sample CSV file 3. Which feature efficiently removes inactive picklist values? Answer: Bulk Delete Unused Values 4. Which type of Process Builder processes can be converted using the Migrate to Flow tool? Answer: Record-triggered Get Hands-on with Enhance Record Pages With Dynamic Forms Follow steps show in Screenshot also highlighted with Red Box:

Platform Developer I Certification Maintenance (Winter '23)

 Maintain Your Platform Developer I Certification for Winter ’23 1. Field update actions have changed in API Version 54.0. Which record-triggered flows do field update actions now execute? Answer: Before-Save after After-Save 2. Which Apex class is used to determine the hostnames for the domains that Salesforce hosts for your org? Answer: System.DomainCreator 3. Which modules can be used for notifications in a Lightning web component instead of native APIs? Answer: LightningAlert, LightningConfirm, and LightningPrompt 4. What determines an org’s “shape” in Salesforce? Answer: Features, settings, edition, limits, and licenses 5. Which lightning-modal-* component is required to create a modal? Answer: Body 6. How do you call an invocable action from Apex code? Answer: Reference Invocable.Action Get Hands-On With Apex Assertions 1. Create Two Apex class: Copy and Paste below codes (A.) TestFactory @isTest public class TestFactory {    public static Account getAccount(String accountName, B

Platform App Builder Certification Maintenance (Winter ’23)

Maintain Your Platform App Builder Certification for Winter ’23 1. What component customizes related lists directly from the Lightning App Builder? Answer:      Dynamic Related List – Single 2. Where can a debug flow test be created and saved? Answer:      Flow Builder 3. What action enables smart email auto-responses in Flow Builder? Answer:      Create Article Recommendations 4. Custom address fields improve address data accuracy for your users using what type of list? Answer: State and Country/Territory Picklists 5. What are the benefits of using Dynamic Forms on record pages? Answer:      Place fields anywhere on the page  Use Visibility Rule to show and hide fields  6. Restriction or scoping rules now allow multiple values. When should double quotes surround a value? Answer:      If a single value contains a comma  Get Hands-On With Permission Set Expiration Verify before performing this: Permission Set & Permission Set Group Assignments with Expiration Dates should be enabled

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Maintain Your Administrator Certification for Spring '22 Answers

 Maintain Your Administrator Certification for Spring '22 Answers Check Below to verify: Navigate to OBJECT MANAGER Select Object: Task Goto in Task object: Restriction Rules Click on New Rules Rule Name: Keep Tasks Private Full Name: Keep_Tasks_Private Is Active: True Enter User Criteria: Field: User > Active Operator: Equals Type: Boolean Value: True Enter Record Criteria: Field: Assigned To ID (User) > User ID Operator: Equals Type: Current User Value: User ID

Maintain Your CRM Analytics Consultant Certification for Spring '22 Answers

 Maintain Your CRM Analytics Consultant Certification for Spring '22 Type of visualization:  Distance Threshold in Data Prep Bucketing: 1. What app will you use in CRM Analytics to create a Pipeline Trending Waterfall Chart? Ans: Customer Insights 2. Applying Sentiment Analysis on unstructured data categorizes it as which of these? Ans: Positive, Negative, and neutral 3. What tool would you use to adjust the sensitivity of the fuzzy matching? Ans: Distance Threshold 4. What types of visualizations are now available in the chart widget tooltips? Ans: Chart, Table and Component 5. How do you include a subquery in your SQL query? Ans: After the FROM statement, add another SELECT statement in ()

Chaper - 0 Get start with Customer relationship management (CRM)

 Customer relationship management (CRM) In our day to day work we might come across a term called Customer relationship management or CRM, some might be thing what is CRM, How it works, How it can boost your business and so on.. Actually if you start thinking about something it will never ends and that's how human mind works. I'll be describing everything regarding CRM and will provide some best in class CRM suggestions. What is CRM? CRM is a technology for managing all your company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. Goal of CRM: Improve business relationships Stay connected to customers Manage customer relationships Customer lifecycle 360 view Streamline processes Improve profitability What does a CRM system do? On very high level and for your understanding I'll list down few CRM capabilities but CRM can do more than these  Helps you find new customers Organizing customer and prospect information Collecting a customer's website

Object/Action name present in Org with Queryable/Retrieveable/Searchable and many more Status in Query

We always want to know what are the objects present in salesforce so we can utilize any existing if needed or to understand the structure more. Here are few ways which help you to do that. Basic Code to get all object without any query: Schema.DescribeSObjectResult objResult = o.getDescribe();             String obj = objResult.getName();                 System.Debug(objResult.getName()); Basic code to get Object record count, don't run for all object you might get exception of 101 SOQL. Try to run this in a loop of first 100 then 100-200 and more based on need. {             Schema.DescribeSObjectResult objResult = o.getDescribe();             String obj = objResult.getName();             Integer count = 0;             q = 'SELECT Count() FROM ' + obj;             try{                 count = Database.countQuery(q);             }catch(Exception e){                 continue;             }             mapdata.put(objResult.getName(),count);             System.Debug(objResult

Platform Developer I Certification Maintenance (Winter '22)

 As we know Salesforce always add new features and based on that there are releases. This maintenance is all about Custom Metadata Type in apex. You no longer need to write a Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) to access custom metadata records in Apex. How: Use the new Apex getAll(), getInstance(recordId), getInstance(qualifiedApiName), or getInstance(developerName) methods to retrieve custom metadata type records.  Descriptions: getAll() Returns a map containing custom metadata records for the specific custom metadata type. The map's keys are the IDs (as String) of the records and the map's values are the record sObjects. getInstance(recordId) Returns a single custom metadata type record sObject for a specified record ID. getInstance(developerName) Returns a single custom metadata type record sObject for a specified developerName field of the custom metadata type object. getInstance(qualifiedApiName) Returns a single custom metadata type record sObject for a qualified AP