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Salesforce Automation - Process Builder Basics

ADVANTAGES:  Process Builder lets you automate more things. Process Builder includes more flexible actions compared with the corresponding workflow actions.  You can create any record instead of just tasks.  The Update Records process action (which corresponds with the field update workflow action) lets you update any related record, while the field update workflow action lets you update only the record or its parent. Process Builder also includes brand new actions that aren’t available in Workflow—such as Post to Chatter and Submit for Approval. Process Builder lets you control the order of your criteria. In Process Builder, you determine the exact evaluation order of your process’ criteria. In turn, within a given process criteria, you determine the order of its actions.  Whereas In Workflow, there’s no way for you to determine which order your workflow rules run in. Process Builder lets you access fields on every related record. In Workflow, you can reference fields on the record’s