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Platform App Builder Certification Maintenance (Summer ’19)

1. Which attribute can an app builder use to make a dependent picklist screen component in flow screens required? Ans: {!$GlobalConstant.True}. 2. How can an app builder determine what flow type best meets a specific business process? Ans: Flow Templates 3. An app builder needs to notify an account owner of a new support case logged by a high-risk account. Which feature should the app builder use to send a custom notification to the account owner? Ans: Notification Builder. 4. Agents need to be able to see email attachments easily when reviewing cases. Which related list can the app builder add to the case page layout? Ans: Files related list 5. Where should an app builder go to create a Lightning letterhead after enabling enhanced letterheads for Lightning email templates? Ans: App Launcher> Enhanced Letterheads. For exercise. 1.Enable Path Setting before start and do according to trial head.

Platform Developer I Certification Maintenance (Summer '19)

1.What allows Flows to manipulate complex data types that are often returned from calls to web services? Answer: Apex Defined Data type 2. What is the benefit of using the Continuation class in Apex to make a long-running request to an external web service? ANS: more long-running callouts can be using as Continution 3. Which Lightning web component configuration file tag set specifies the form factors that the component supports? Ans: supportedFormFactors 4. Which tag adds the Lightning Web Components for Visualforce JavaScript library to a Visualforce page? Ans: <apex:includeLightning/> Exercise : Click this link: install Package Update the BatchLeadConvert class to implement the Database.RaisesPlatformEvents marker interface. See below Example : public with sharing class BatchLeadConvert implements Database.Batchable<SObject>, Database.RaisesPlatformEvents { // class implementation } Write a trigger on BatchApexErrorEvent object;

Admin Maintenance Summer 19

1.An administrator needs to customize hyperlinks to match corporate branding. Which setting can the administrator set to assign custom colors to hyperlinks? Ans: use brand Color 2. How can different Activities Views be used once the default Activities View is enabled by the administrator? Ans: User can switch the preference 3.Which filter option can an administrator recommend to help a manager filter on tasks for their team? Ans: My team task 4. By how many levels can dashboard components be sorted? Ans: 2 5. Which dashboard component should an administrator use to show subtotals? Ans: Lightning Tabel For exercise. 1.Activate enhance security. In Quick find box type ==> Lightning Email Templates  Enable Folders and Enhanced Sharing 2.Create a folder sales and add image(ur choice). In Lightning app menu Search for "Email Template" Create a Folder called "Sales" Create a Email Template Name "General" Subject "Gen